Panhandle Butterfly House & Nature Center is a program of Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful, Inc.


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4.  To maintain and broaden a volunteer base to implement programs that address our mission statement.


Dedicated to protecting and enhancing our environment through education, awareness and action.

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2.  To work with various departments within the county, cities and state and the public to promote our mission.


   Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful, Inc.


     6758 Park Avenue

     Milton, FL 32570-4884

     Office: 850-623-1930,    Contact Us

3.  To promote the "greening" of Santa Rosa by providing public plantings, public education and outreach through out Green-Up Santa Rosa program.

5.  To work with organizations, county and city departments on any and all programs that fall under our mission.

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6.  To promote an environmental ethic within Santa Rosa that  encourages a minimum impact philosophy.


1.  To create and maintain programs that address solid waste management issues in Santa Rosa County.  Misplaced Solid Waste issues encompass littering, illegal dumping or any other public nuisance.  An emphasis is also placed on working with the Recycle Santa Rosa Program to promote and educate on recycling in Santa Rosa.

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