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Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful, Inc. is part of a nationwide effort to Keep America Beautiful

Litter Prevention

Research and experience prove that litter (intentional or unintentional pollution resulting from consumer waster products being carelessly handled or improperly disposed) attracts more litter.  A clean community, by contrast, discourages littering and raises local living standards and quality of life.

Littering is unlawful

Quoting from the ordinance "Violations of this article will constitute a second degree misdemeanor.  Each day that the violation exists shall constitute a separate offense.  Violations shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) and/or a sentence of not more than sixty (60) days.

Panhandle Butterfly House & Nature Center is a program of Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful, Inc.


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​​Clean-Up Santa Rosa

Through Clean-Up Santa Rosa, Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful coordinates community participation in local and nationwide litter removal and prevention programs.

County Litter Ordnance

With the passing of the county litter ordinance, Sheriff's deputies can now write citations, issue warnings and make arrests regarding almost any litter, illegal dumping or public nuisance.  Read the ordnance: Go to the library of ordinances and search on keyword "litter" (no quotes).