This is a program of the Florida Department ​of Transportation. This program allows for the adoption of state maintained highways in Florida. It is a state wide effort to keep Florida highways litter free.

“Drive it Home, Keep Our Paradise Litter Free”,  FDOT

First Saturday

This program is coordinated through crime watch groups and homeowners' associations. We work with them to coordinate their effort to clean their neighborhood in an organized and efficient manner. Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful can provide bags, publicity (flyers, etc.) and a dumpster when availible. 

International Coastal Cleanup Day
Splash for Trash to help make clean beaches and waters a reality.  Watch for announcements from Santa Rosa Clean.  Usually in September.

Great American Clean-Up
A nationwide event sponsored by Keep American Beautiful.  Santa Rosa holds this event, county wide, the third Saturday in April to coincide with Earth Day.

Clean-Up Santa Rosa Programs


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Rivers Clean-Up

Rivers Clean-up is Santa Rosa Clean Community's longest running program starting in 1986!!  Groups and individuals participate to clean up the river.  ​​

Santa Rosa Clean Community is a member of Leave No Trace, and supports their philosophy: Enjoy the waterways and outdoor environment, and leave them better because you were there.

This is another great way to participate in Clean-Up Santa Rosa.  County roads, parks, recycling centers, or any other public area can be adopted by you, your group or organization as our area to keep clean.  It's easy and only need to clean the area 6 times a year.

Panhandle Butterfly House & Nature Center is a program of Keep Santa Rosa Beautiful, Inc.


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Clunkers Clean-up
Through the cooperation of code enforcement and sheriff's officers and local junk dealers we can coordinate the removal of old junk cars, large appliance or other large heavy metal objects blighting your area.

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